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Alpine X903D-S906

1.899,00 incl. BTW

Specifiek 9″ ombouwframe voor
Mercedes Sprinter (S906)
NAVI – bass engine – DAB – bluetooth – HDMI – MP3
USB – Ipod / Iphone – mirrorlink

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Alpine introduces the 3rd generation Alpine Style navigation system for Mercedes Sprinter (S906). The X903D-S906 features a huge 9-inch touch-screen that is installed off-set from the dashboard to be perfectly reachable from the driver’s seat. This makes it very easy to see and control navigation maps and other functions.

It also features a much faster navigation CPU and larger system memory for smooth system operation. You can now also zoom in and out of the navigation map using finger pinch gestures.

The system also features the cutting edge iGo Primo NextGen navigation system with TomTom maps. Best of all, you get 3 years free of charge map updates and you can input the measurements and weight of your camper – so only suitable routes for your specific mobile-home will be proposed. You can also easily install additional camper databases for your camping needs. The X903D-S906 also includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

If you are looking for a good camper navigation system that is easy to use, easy to reach from the driver’s seat and features a large display – then look no further.


X903D-S906 - Designed for Mercedes Sprinter

Designed for Mercedes Sprinter

The X903D-S906 is exclusively designed for the Mercedes Sprinter (S906 model year 2013 and newer). The gigantic 9-inch high-resolution touch screen of the X903D-S906 will amaze you with superb picture quality for navigation maps, menus and video content. Best of all: the installation allows the lower pocket in your dash to remain unused.

Mercedes Sprinter - Easy to reach from the driver’s seat - X903D-S906 Mercedes Sprinter - Extra large 23cm (9-inch) touch screen - X903D-S906

Easy to reach from the driver’s seat

Accessibility is an important factor especially on long trips when you often change radio stations or change navigation settings. The Alpine Style system is designed in an off-set configuration from the dash – bringing it closer to the driver to be easily reached without leaning forward. We included large control buttons besides the screen for easy access of the main sources, volume, telephone and more.

Extra large 23cm (9-inch) touch screen

The heart of the system is a huge 23cm touch screen display – in fact, it is the same size than an Apple iPad® display. This makes it very easy to see navigation maps, as well as numbers and text on the screen while you drive. Of course this contributes to driving safety as well – less time looking at your screen means more time looking at the road. On-screen buttons appear very large as well, which makes this product very user friendly

Mercedes Sprinter - Steering wheel remote buttons Mercedes Sprinter - Beautifully designed

Steering wheel remote buttons

If your Mercedes Sprinter is equipped with control buttons on the steering wheel, you can use them with the X903D-S906 as well. The Alpine Style system is fully connected to the vehicle electronics and accepts all steering controls such as volume control, telephone, voice control and audio mute. This is yet another feature that contributes to comfort and driving safety in your mobile-home.

Beautifully designed

With its new designed monitor frame, the display appears to be floating on top of your dashboard and matches perfectly the interior design of your camper van. We even included the Bluetooth hands-free microphone in the display housing.

Mercedes Sprinter - Easy camera access Mercedes Sprinter - One Look Display

Easy camera access

The rear-view camera (if equipped) activates automatically when reversing. However, you may want to manually activate the camera on the highway to check on the bicycles attached to the back of your mobile-home or to ensure that you passed a truck fully after take-over to securely return to your driving lane. Alpine makes it very simple with a direct camera access button right in the source screen.


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